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Syria talks in Vienna overshadowed by Paris massacre

The string of terrorist attacks in Paris happened on the eve of the meeting in Vienna

RT – NOVEMBER 14, 2015  


World and regional powers will discuss the Syrian peace process in Vienna on Saturday, as the world struggles to cope with the terrorist attacks in Paris.
Islamic State, one of the key players in the Syrian conflict, claims responsibility for the crime.

“Without a doubt, what happened in Paris last night, cannot fail to affect the present atmosphere, and the negotiation process,” Maria Zakharova, spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, said.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said the talks in Vienna would strengthen coordination of the international effort to fight Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).

“One of the objectives of the Vienna meeting is to see how we can strengthen the international fight against Daesh [Arabic term for Islamic State],” Fabius told reporters in Vienna, as cited by Reuters.

The string of terrorist attacks in Paris happened on the eve of the meeting in Vienna, where the paths for resolution of the years-long war in Syria will be discussed. The future of Syrian President Bashar Assad and a list of Syrian militant groups that can be considered moderate enough to be part of a UN-led peace negotiation are the biggest issues on the agenda at Saturday’s meeting.

Western nations have been insisting that Assad has lost legitimacy in Syria, but lately agreed that he may play a part in a transition. The US has tried to train moderate militant groups hoping they would fight against terrorist groups such as IS and government forces, although so far the effort has proved fruitless.

Russia and Iran have been supporting the Syrian government, saying it’s the only regional force that has a chance to defeat the terrorists. Iran has been providing military advisers, while Russia has deployed warplanes and launched a bombing campaign to back the Syrian Army’s operations against the jihadists.

The US-led coalition, which has been bombing IS positions in Iraq and Syria for over a year, is keeping its distance from both the Russian and Iranian effort.

Some opponents of Assad accused Russia of targeting moderate rebel forces instead of hardcore terrorists, but no proof of the allegations has been made public.

Iran’s regional rivals such as Saudi Arabia and Turkey, both allies of the US, have taken a more confrontational stance, insisting the Assad government must be ousted for any hope of peace in Syria.

UN Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura, who is tasked with overseeing the political process, was cautious and said he didn’t expect a breakthrough ahead of the meeting.

“Breakthrough is a big word. What we are definitely looking for is to keep the momentum going,” he told journalists.


U.S. Taxpayers Funding Mexican Military And Incursions

Conspiring Times

March 25, 2010

Barack Obama spoke with Mexican President Felipe Calderon to “underscore his administration’s commitment to the strong bilateral relationship between the United States and Mexico,” National Security Council spokesman Mike Hammer said in a statement earlier this week.

They discussed their “mutual desire to work together for the benefit of the safety and security of citizens on both sides of our shared border,” he added. Calderon’s crackdown, which includes the deployment of some 50,000 troops nationwide is evident in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico’s most violent city and Acapulco as corrupt police officers are replaced with soldiers.

As millions of American constituents were outraged by the passage of national socialized healthcare legislation, a high-level meeting between U.S. and Mexican officials was taking place to focus on long-term cooperation strategies for security that would be funded by American tax dollars.

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Dead Bin Laden Sends Message to U.S.

Press TV

March 25, 2010

As the US is preparing to prosecute the alleged mastermind of the September 11, 2001 attacks, al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has threatened American citizens with new assaults.

Bin Laden issued the new warning in a new audio message broadcast on al-Jazeera television on Thursday.

Prosecutors are expected to seek the death penalty for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other people allegedly involved in the 9/11 attacks.

“The day America will take such a decision [to execute Mohammed and any others], it would have taken a decision to execute whoever we capture,” bin Laden said.

He added that US President Barack Obama was “following the footsteps of his predecessor [George W. Bush].”

Mohammed has been in US custody since March 2003, when he was captured in the Pakistani city of Rawalpindi.

After initially blaming bin Laden and attacking Afghanistan in order to capture the Saudi national, US officials changed focus of their attention and announced that the main culprit has been transferred to the Guantanamo Bay prison.

In March 2007, Combatant Status Review Tribunal Hearing in Guantanamo claimed Mohammed and four co-defendants confessed to plotting for the attacks.

On December 8, 2008, they allegedly sent a note to the military judge expressing their desire to confess and plead guilty.

Human rights groups say the harsh treatment inflicted on Mohammed during his stay at Guantanamo amounts to torture, questioning credibility of the confessions under interrogation.

Children left traumatized after their teacher is ‘gunned down in playground’ in ’sick’ hoax lesson

Mail Online

March 25, 2010

Schoolchildren were left in tears after their teacher was gunned down by a crazed hoodie in the playground – in a ’sick’ role-playing stunt.

Terrified children – aged from 10 to 13 years old – watched as the supposed gunman strolled into the playground, took aim and shot the teacher, before running into the school’s science lab.

Other staff in on the stunt rushed to the popular teacher’s aid and appeared to give CPR in an attempt to save his life.

It was 10 minutes before the shocked pupils of Blackminster Middle School in Evesham, Worcestershire, were rounded up and taken into the school hall where teachers explained that the scenario had been mocked up as part of a forthcoming science lesson.

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In Harbinger Of Things To Come, Indonesian Parliament Begins Criminal Investigation Into Bank Bailouts

Zero Hedge

March 25, 2010

So far the commingling between financial and political forces has passed without many glitches both domestically and globally. This is starting to change. We read in Newser that the “Indonesian’s parliament called for a criminal investigation into a $715 million government bank bailout.” In addition to Indonesia president Suslio Bambang Yudhoyono, others implicated include Vice President Boediono, a former central bank governor who goes by a single name, and Finance Minister Sri Mulayani Indrawati. Something tells us that the miraculous market recovery in Indonesia has not proceeded quite as effortlessly as the one in the US. Which also explains why the Fed and its cohorts are so set on reflating the market as they are well aware of the opportunity cost. Once the market takes the inevitable leg lower, we expect that the general public hatred against the multi trillion bailout of the US financial system may finally yield comparable criminal prosecution in America as well.

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WikiLeaks Followed by CIA and State Department

March 25, 2010


Is the Pentagon ready to “rendition” members of WikiLeaks in order to silence the whistleblower website? “If anything happens to us, you know why,” a recent Tweet issued by a member of the website states.

WikiLeaks has told supporters not to worry. “To those worrying about us – we’re fine, and will issue a suitable riposte shortly,” a Tweet stated.

WikiLeaks, the web portal of forbidden information that won Amnesty International’s new media award last year, is under fire for its plan to make public unencrypted footage of an air strike in Afghanistan on May 7 last year that killed 97 civilians. WikiLeaks has promised to reveal a “Pentagon Murder Cover-up” at the National Press Club in Washington on April 5, according to the Mail Online.

The Pentagon initially planned to make the footage public, but backed off after it turned out to be more incriminating than at first thought. Now they are gunning for WikiLeaks because they plan to release the video.

“WikiLeaks is currently under an aggressive US and Icelandic surveillance operation,” another Tweet claims. “One related person was detained for 22 hours. Computer’s seized.”

“We have airline records of the State Dep/CIA tails. Don’t think you can get away with it. You cannot. This is WikiLeaks.”

A WikiLeaks editor reported that he was being followed by “State Dep diplomatic cover” in Norway.

WikiLeaks has angered the U.S. government in the past. In 2007, the site posted almost the entire order of battle for American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Earlier this month, the site posted a 2008 report from the Army Counterintelligence Center.

Police Recruit Internet Cafe Owners To Spy On Users

Paul Joseph Watson


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Police Recruit Internet Cafe Owners To Spy On Users 250310top

As part of the lurching advance towards the kind of society that we thought had been consigned to the darkest days of the 20th century, the Nazi-fication of Britain continues with the news that the police are working with Internet cafe owners to spy on users who visit “extremist websites”.

“The intitative is part of the Prevent strand of the government’s counter-terrorism strategy, which aims to stop radicalisation by winning the “battle of ideas”. Café owners are asked to use their own judgement as to what amounts to extremist material,” reports the Register.

Of course, since British police are also training the public that using cash, closing your curtains or enjoying your privacy is a potential hallmark of terrorism, the definition of “extremist material” will undoubtedly include anti-establishment political websites like the one you are reading right now.

Indeed, major transportation hubs in Britain such as London St. Pancras already censor Prison and even mildly political websites, protecting their users from accessing “extremist” information that dares to question the motives of our illustrious leaders and the real agenda behind their war on terror.

Arun Kundnani of the Institute of Race Relations described the initiative as “dangerous”.

“It… potentially criminalises people for accessing material that is legal but which expresses religious and political opinions that police officers find unacceptable,” he said.

And that’s precisely the point. Creating a chilling atmosphere where people are afraid to express dissent, or merely read about other people expressing dissent, for fear of being labeled a terrorist and shopped to their local bobby by the dutiful thought police.

Using Internet cafe owners to spy on their users’ browsing habits is just one offshoot of the gigantic program undertaken by MI5 to train 60,000 UK citizens as a civilian network of terrorist spotters.

As we reported last year, staff at rail networks, at airports, shopping centers, public buildings, hotels and sports venues have been trained by MI5 and the police to watch for “suspicious behavior” and report it to the authorities.

As America and Britain sink deeper into militarized police states, society begins to parallel more and more aspects of Nazi Germany, especially in the context of citizens being turned against each other, which in turn creates a climate of fear and the constraining sense that one is always being watched.

One common misconception about Nazi Germany was that the police state was solely a creation of the authorities and that the citizens were merely victims. On the contrary, Gestapo files show that 80% of all Gestapo investigations were started in response to information provided by denunciations by “ordinary” Germans.

“There were relatively few secret police, and most were just processing the information coming in. I had found a shocking fact. It wasn’t the secret police who were doing this wide-scale surveillance and hiding on every street corner. It was the ordinary German people who were informing on their neighbors,” wrote Robert Gellately of Florida State University.

Gellately discovered that the people who informed on their neighbors were motivated primarily by banal factors – “greed, jealousy, and petty differences,” and not by a genuine concern about crime or insecurity.

Gellately “found cases of partners in business turning in associates to gain full ownership; jealous boyfriends informing on rival suitors; neighbors betraying entire families who chronically left shared bathrooms unclean or who occupied desirable apartments.”

“And then there were those who informed because for the first time in their lives someone in authority would listen to them and value what they said.”

Gellately emphasizes the fact that the Germans who sicked the authorities on their neighbors knew very well what the consequences for the victims would be – families torn apart, torture and internment in concentration camps, and ultimately in many cases death – but they still did it with few qualms because the rewards of financial bounties and mere convenience were deemed more important to them.

There can no longer be any doubt that Muslims and political dissidents are the new Jews. Anyone who dares to speak truth is now instantly marginalized by the establishment as a crazy conspiracy theorist or a dangerous extremist.

Governments have feverishly exploited staged terror attacks such as 9/11 and the 7/7 bombings to launch a purge against society’s malcontents in order to eliminate the only roadblocks to their agenda, just as Hitler did after his own adjutants burned down the Reichstag.

They have gone about this by creating an army of tattle-tale informants eager to spy on and report people in their own community under the delusion that they are carrying out a patriotic duty, when in reality they are laying the groundwork for a repeat of the horrors that historically follow when the state is successful in setting the people against each other on such a massive scale.

Sibel Edmonds Speaks Out on Whistleblower ‘Protections’

James Corbett

The Corbett Report

March 15, 2010

FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds joined The Corbett Report last Friday to discuss the deplorable state of whistleblower “protections” in the United States, including S.372, a bill making its way through the Senate that would allow the FBI and other “national security” agencies to dismiss whistleblowers’ claims without any form of oversight.

Click here to download an mp3 of the conversation or watch the YouTube video in the player below:

The details of Edmonds’ experience blowing the whistle on the FBI—where, in the wake of 9/11, she worked in the Turkish language division of the Washington field office’s translation department—are by now fairly well known amongst followers of the alternative media. The revelations that have emerged from her case have been explosive: that foreign operatives working within the translation department tried to recruit her for their operations; that there exists a nuclear spy ring aided and abetted by high ranking U.S. government officials selling America’s nuclear secrets on the black market; that foreign language intelligence directly pertaining to 9/11 was deliberately withheld from FBI agents in the field; that Osama Bin Laden had an ‘intimate relationship’ with the United States government right up until 9/11. Perhaps the only thing more remarkable than the information she has revealed is that she ever got to reveal it at all.

The route by which Sibel Edmonds became the silent, gagged star of the 9/11 Truth movement and the poster child of the national security whistleblowers club is a long and circuitous one, but to hear Edmonds herself tell it, it was never her intention to become a whistleblower: “What I did was what I had actually taken an oath to do, and that was to report wrongdoing or criminal activities or government waste and fraud and mismanagement to the ‘appropriate’ authorities.” Little did she know this was to be the first step on what has so far been an eight year long quest to bring the truth about what she witnessed to the public’s attention.

In 2002 the Senate Judiciary Committee held public hearings into Edmonds’ case. Also that year she filed suit against the Department of Justice. In October of that year, Attorney General John Ashcroft invoked the state secrets privilege—an obscure piece of common law that allows the government to withhold ’sensitive’ information from discovery—to stop her case from going forward. In 2004, the Justice Department again invoked the state secret privilege to prevent Edmonds from testifying in a lawsuit by families of the 9/11 victims against various Saudi interests. The DoJ even retroactively classified the Senate Judiciary hearings into Edmonds’s claims that took place in 2002. Later that year, an Inspector General report completely vindicated Edmonds, confirming that her allegations cannot be refuted and that she was fired from the FBI simply for having spoken out about the corruption and criminal conduct she had witnessed. Senators who had promised to hold full hearings into her case once the Inspector General issued his report were nowhere to be found in its wake. In 2005, various Democrats pledged their support to Edmonds and other national security whistleblowers, but when they ended up taking over the House Oversight Committee after the 2006 mid-term elections, there was no extra effort made to bring the Edmonds case forward.

Needless to say, Edmonds is no longer waiting for congress to investigate her case properly. “It’s nothing but a cosmetic illusion of protection for whistleblowers,” she says of proper, government-approved channels for whistleblowers to blow the whistle. “If you look at the whistleblower cases brought in court [over the] past 10 or 15 years, you will see how many have really succeeded, which tells you it doesn’t work.”

Unfortunately, the media has not been up to the task either. Despite some early coverage on 60 Minutes, the media have largely ignored Edmonds’ story or failed to convey its significance. Regarding the 60 Minutes piece, she says, “They did not want to cover anything that had to do with corrupt congressional people, about the Turkish lobby. They didn’t want to cover that and they made it clear. […] It just ended up being a kind of an employment drama.”

Last year, Edmonds was finally deposed in the case of U.S. Congressional candidate David Krikorian. The only mainstream media outlet so far to cover her explosive, on-the-record testimony has been Larry Flynt’s Hustler Magazine.

Now with S.372, the government is merely adding insult to injury. “I really didn’t think it could get any worse until it was brought to my attention that this was what the Senate was looking at and this is what they wanted to do. And once I started reading, I said ‘Well, I was wrong, it can get worse.’” Now, Edmonds and her National Security Whistleblowers Coalition have teamed up with the National Whistleblowers Center to denounce the pending legislation that would actually strip national security whistleblowers of what few options they currently have for protesting their case. As a recent letter penned by Edmonds and other national security whistleblowers outlines, S.372 is set to make things all but impossible for future would-be whistleblowers:

[…]the scope of the new “State Secrets” summary dismissal powers is radically expanded. S. 372 accomplishes this by giving the heads of every agency defined under 5 U.S.C. 7532 the power to summarily fire whistleblowers, with no administrative or judicial appeal. Under S. 372 not only do the directors of the CIA and NSA have the power to summarily throw out whistleblower cases, this power is also granted to agencies and departments such as the Department of Defense, the Department of Justice and the Department of Commerce. Section 7532 covers over one half of the entire federal workforce.

Given just how stacked the system is against the whistleblowers, Edmonds is not likely to be celebrating should S.372 be stopped in its legislative tracks: “Even if this doesn’t go through[…]we won’t be celebrating as national security whistleblowers. We would just say ‘Well, good that it didn’t get worse.’”

So what is Sibel Edmonds trying to do now to bypass the corrupt government oversight channels and controlled mainstream media? Recently, she’s started a new website called “We’ve put together a good team of reporters.[…]These are some of the best so-called alternative [reporters] who want to do this reporting, who want to go after these stories and keep bringing attention to it.” The site is only four months old, but already has an impressive list of op-eds, articles and audio interviews. “With the internet today we do have the opportunity for sending the links and sending the articles,” she points out. “That helps with raising awareness.”

Given the abysmal state of whistleblowing in the U.S. these days, perhaps ‘raising awareness’ is the best we can hope for at this time. After all, as Howard Beale in Network so sagely advised us, we have to get angry about things before we can hope to change them. And we will never get angry if we continue to rely on officially sanctioned government whitewash inquiries and milquetoast 60 Minutes reporting that fails to even ask people like Sibel Edmonds what she was trying to blow the whistle about. The internet is the last great hope for people like Sibel to get their story out.

Still, it is a long, slow and painstaking process to bring the public up to speed on these issues and why they are so important. It could take years before the American public starts to get angry enough to demand real answers to Edmonds’ questions en masse. But given the tenacity of this woman to have pursued this topic for nearly a decade, I imagine that when the public does reach that point, Sibel Edmonds will be ready.

France Ditches Carbon Tax as Strikes, Mass Protests Threaten to Shut Down Country

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Daily Telegraph

March 24, 2010

President Nicolas Sarkozy on Tuesday scrapped the country’s proposed carbon tax and reshuffled his cabinet in populist tilt after suffering a crushing electoral defeat over the weekend, when his Gaulliste UMP party lost every region other than in its bastion of Alsace and the Indian Ocean island of Reunion.

The vote saw a resurrection of both the Socialist Party and the far-Right National Front, showing how the delayed effects of rising unemployment can change the political landscape long after recession has passed. The jobless rate has risen to 10.1pc, up from 8.7pc a year ago. A quarter of those aged under 25 are out of work.

The government said its energy tax was being postponed indefinitely in order not to “damage the competitiveness of French companies”, fearing that it would be too risky for France to go it alone without the rest of the EU. Brussels has announced plans for an EU-wide tax, but the initiative already looks doomed.

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War Criminal Bush Demonstrates His Contempt for Humanity

Kurt Nimmo

March 24, 2010

In the video below, George W. Bush demonstrates his utter contempt for humanity. After shaking hands with a victim of the Haitian earthquake, the former two-term president (thanks to rigged voting machines) and notable war criminal wiped his hand on Bill Clinton’s sleeve.

After Katrina, the rapper and record producer Kanye West said: “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.”

It’s far worse than that. George W. Bush, a member of the Nazi-loving Bush crime family, hates and despises humanity. He is a sociopath like so many members of the ruling elite he served while warming a seat in the White House.

As the governor of Texas, it was not enough that Bush presided over a large number of executions. He felt compelled to mock Karla Faye Tucker, a convicted murderer who later led a prison ministry.

In April, 2003, journalist Wayne Madsen wrote: “Bush mocked [Carlson] Tucker’s appeal for clemency. In an interview with Talk magazine, Bush imitated Tucker’s appeal for him to spare her life — pursing his lips, squinting his eyes, and in a squeaky voice saying, ‘Please don’t kill me.’ That went too far for former GOP presidential candidate Gary Bauer, himself an evangelical Christian. ‘I think it is nothing short of unbelievable that the governor of a major state running for president thought it was acceptable to mock a woman he decided to put to death,’ said Bauer.”

“Bush is not an imbecile. He’s not a puppet. I think that Bush is a sociopathic personality,” author Mark Crispin Miller wrote during Bush’s presidency. “I think he’s incapable of empathy. He has an inordinate sense of his own entitlement, and he’s a very skilled manipulator. And in all the snickering about his alleged idiocy, this is what a lot of people miss.”

The callous mockery of Karla Faye Tucker and his childhood penchant for blowing up frogs aside (torturing and killing animals, psychiatrists insist, is a common pathology of serial murderers), George Bush really shined in a completely perverse way when it came to killing Iraqi civilians. He presided over the murder of more than one million of them, making him a Nazi league war criminal.

Bush, of course, didn’t engage in carnage himself. He issued instructions to his underlings and they dispatched brainwashed troops with fresh memories of 9/11 (expertly stage managed by a complaisant corporate media) to do the killing.

But then Charlie Manson didn’t kill anybody either. He had his LSD brainwashed followers do the killing for him. Manson received a death sentence for his role in murder and is now serving a life sentence.

Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot, far as we know, didn’t personally kill any of the millions they had liquidated. Bush is right up there with them.

Bush “is a man who enjoys killing. He is totally in his element when it comes to killing,” writes David Cogswell.

“Feels good!” Bush reportedly said prior to delivering a speech announcing that the killing in Iraq would commence.

Like father, like son. Bush the lesser shares a taste for sadism and murder just like his old man. George Bush Senior was boss at Murder Incorporated, aka the CIA, and numerous reports not only put him at the scene of the assassination of John F. Kennedy but also claim he was intimately involved in the murder.

It is claimed Poppa Bush carried out violations of the Geneva Convention as a fighter pilot during the war. He was alleged to have killed Japanese men in a trawler lifeboat. In 1993, Reuters reported on this incident. Bush had expressed interest in visiting the site in Palau, a tiny Pacific island 900 miles east of the Philippines, if a wreck was found. Serial murders often get off on visiting the sites where they committed their crimes.

Killing Japanese men in a trawler with a 500 pound torpedo is one thing, while invading a country and killing thousands is quite another.

In 1991, Bush the Elder, without consultation of Congress or a declaration of war, attacked Iraq. Bush ordered110,000 air sorties and dropped 88,000 tons of bombs, nearly seven times the equivalent of the atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima. Most of the targets were civilian facilities, including power stations, water treatment plants, reservoirs, food processing, storage and distribution facilities and markets, infant milk formula and beverage plants, railroad transportation facilities, bus depots, bridges, highway overpasses, highways, highway repair stations, trains, buses and other public transportation vehicles, commercial and private vehicles, factories engaged in civilian production, historical markers and ancient sites.

“The United States intentionally bombed and destroyed civilian life, commercial and business districts, schools, hospitals, mosques, churches, shelters, residential areas, historical sites, private vehicles and civilian government offices,” explains the International War Crimes Tribunal.

Bush the Lesser was not to be outdone by his daddy. After Bill Clinton — considered an adopted son by the Bush crime family — starved to death 500,000 Iraqi children (Clinton is also a big time psychopath in his own right), Bush Minor, in order to one-up his father, engaged in the indiscriminate use of weapons such as cluster munitions, incendiary bombs, depleted uranium, and chemical weapons against Iraq. He oversaw the murder of more than a million people, a crime right up there with those committed by Hitler, Stalin, and Mao. He engaged in torture, kidnapping, and illegal “renditions” around the world.

“If anyone deserves a Nuremberg trial it is George Bush,” writes Laurence M. Vance.

It will never happen. Instead, Obama — who may ultimately reach and surpass Bush as War Criminal in Chief — established the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund and sent the criminal duo to the devastated island as representatives of (sic) good will.

“Presidents Clinton and Bush will meet with Haitians, the government of Haiti and others providing assistance to earthquake survivors, with the goal of further establishing long-term recovery and rebuilding efforts,” the Clinton Foundation announced last week.

The goal of Clinton, Bush the Elder and Lesser, Obama, and a number of previous presidents was and is not to work toward “long-term recovery and rebuilding efforts,” but to work toward the destruction of nations and the enslavement of billions of people, all of it in the name of a small cartel of monopoly men and banksters who share a contempt for the little people.

George Bush can’t help himself. Even with BBC cameras rolling, he demonstrated his contempt for the suffering people of Haiti. For Bush, they are something less than ants or cockroaches. That is why he wiped his hand off on his adopted brother’s shirt sleeve.