Little evidence Mohammed Emwazi is the ISIS executioner

Kurt Nimmo | Infowars.com – 13 November 2015

Friday’s top war propaganda story is the targeting of Mohammed Emwazi, aka Jihadi John, a 27 year old British citizen who allegedly starred in several gruesome beheading videos of a questionable nature.

Due to the fact the only source documenting a supposed airstrike killing Emwazi is the Pentagon, the incident must be considered suspicious. The United States is notorious for claiming it has killed suspected terrorists—the key word here being “suspected,” not tried and convicted—only later to remain silent when contradictory information surfaces demonstrating otherwise.

Point in case: a number of 9/11 “hijackers” who turned out to be alive and well after they were said to have plowed airplanes into the World Trade Center. Since 9/11, thousands of people have been falsely accused of terrorism, many of them for nothing more than disagreeing with the government.

The New York Times admits today it is not known if Emwazi was killed in the airstrike. It should be added there is evidence Mr. Emwazi is not who the government says he is. The New York Times and the establishment media, however, rarely bother with such details.

Secretary of State John Kerry and Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain said on Friday that they did not yet know the outcome of an airstrike the American military launched on Thursday to kill Mohammed Emwazi, the Islamic State’s most notorious executioner.

Is Emwazi in fact a “notorious executioner”?
After the Jihadi John story was floated and the forever war on terror had a new villain, Emwazi’s father hired a lawyer to counter the false reports that he and his wife had identified their son as the ISIS executioner. “Because I felt that some people have believed it, I have assigned a lawyer to defend me and to prove … that what is being said is untrue,” the elder Emwazi, a citizen of Kuwait, told The Guardian.

Then there is the story Emwazi was targeted for recruitment and harassed by MI5 after a planned safari with friends in Tanzania in May of 2009. The human rights group CAGE took up his case.

“Recently, CAGE released an eye-opening tape recorded session with Mohammad Emwazi, and it was disclosed that MI5 agents had been tracking Emwazi and had confronted him, accusing him of having extremist views while actively seeking to recruit him to spy, or ‘inform’, presumably on other Muslims. The newly released material from CAGE depicts a man who appears to have been harassed, and one could even consider the very real scenario where Emwazi was coerced into alleged violent activity and joining to terror group ISIS,” Shawn Helton wrote earlier this year.

The man accused of beheading innocents for the Islamic State also condemned extremism and said the 7/7 bombings in London were wrong.

Despite this, an “unnamed former school friend” claimed to have recognized Emwazi as the ISIS beheader.

It was then said Emwazi was recruited by Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed to join an unspecified “international terrorist” group. You may remember Mohamed. It was said he escaped the long arm of the law last year when he fled a London mosque wearing a burka.

“We were told that Emwazi had ‘fled the gaze of MI5’ in early 2013 to head for Syria, around the same time [rapper Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, also said to be a terrorist] disappeared from London—also near the same time that ‘burkha wearing’ Ahmed Mohamed gave the security agency the slip, escaping after being implicated in several terror plots,” writes Helton.

There is no evidence whatsoever Emwazi is in Syria chopping off the heads of hapless foreigners.

“Other reports suggest that security services were not able keep track of Emwazi when he relocated to Syria, because of the recently abolished anti-terror control orders in the UK. Will the latest Emwazi drama be used to tighten terror control orders?”

Despite a lack of evidence, Cameron declared “Emwazi is a barbaric murderer” and is “ISIL’s lead executioner, and let us never forget that he killed many, many Muslims, too.”

Kerry used the unconfirmed—and likely never to be definitively confirmed—death of Emwazi to engage in a bit of war on terror rhetoric.

“We are still assessing the results of this strike, but the terrorists associated with Daesh need to know this: Your days are numbered, and you will be defeated. There is no future, no path forward for Daesh, which does not lead ultimately to its elimination, to its destruction,” he declared.


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