UK follows US with cyber security agency

Alan Harten
Security Watch
June 18, 2009

The Government is poised to release its current policy on cyber security near the end of July, following the precedent set by President Obama of the US who recently also addressed the American people and Congress about a new agency created to address cyber security threats.

During the review of the matter secret operations that are embarked on by intelligence and security officials will be all controlled from the central offices of Whitehall.

The government is attempting to centralize the cyber security strategy that is under the control of the Cabinet Office under a newly created agency in the Government which is rumoured to be the bull’s-eye so to speak of the new National Security Strategy.

At the present time, cyber security threats or concerns fall under the responsibility of the Home Office, MI5, MI6, Ministry of Defence, and the GCHQ.

Government officials have become increasingly concerned about cyber security in many countries after the attack on the Estonian government, which was thought to have originated from the Kremlin, and both the US and the UK fear future attacks from China.

The European Commission is also suggesting that a tsar should be created to watch over European cyber security issues, along with advocating strong penalties for those who commit cyber crimes.

Britain has been networking on its own, conducting talks with Canada and the US to create plans in the case that a cyber attack is launched by terrorists or foreign powers.

The heaviest threats are thought to be groups that are state sponsored in China, North Korea, and Russia.

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