Iran Tightens Crackdown and Claims U.S. Interference

The New York Times
June 17, 2009

TEHRAN — Iran expanded its crackdown on journalists on Wednesday and for the first time directly accused the United States of interference in the disputed presidential election, summoning the Swiss ambassador, who represents American interests in Tehran, to complain of “interventionist” statements, according to news reports quoting the semi-official Fars news agency on Wednesday.

President Obama said a day earlier that it would be counterproductive for the United States “to be seen as meddling.” But he has also said he was “deeply troubled by the violence” in Iran and that democratic values needed to be observed.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry officials, without being specific about which comments they were reacting to, expressed “protest and displeasure,” the news agency said.

Opposition leaders, meantime, called for more mass defiance.

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