Federal Troops Deployed Against Influenza Protesters in Mexico City

D. H. Williams of the Daily Newscaster links to a YouTube video showing large numbers of federal troops in Mexico City deployed to stop protests against the government in Mexico City.

“George a citizen journalist from California has been told by Mexican nationals that federal troops have been used to stop protests of the government during the influenza or ‘The Panic’ as it is called by locals,” writes Williams. “Filming from ‘Panic Central’ George captures footage of a company strength unit of Mexican Federales deploying for an operation among the civilian population.”

Here is the video:

The troops do not appear to be armed with rifles or heavy military weaponry indicating this is an operational drill. Such an operation could be used to train the public to the presence of federal troops on the ground and an opportunity for the troops themselves to be tested and evaluated.

In Mexico, at least, the virus psyop (psychological operation) has taken on a military dimension as the government prepares the people to accept the presence of soldiers on the street. It is also using the bogus virus crisis to make sure they don’t protest. Of course, the Mexican people are more or less acclimated to heavily armed troops and federales on the streets after months of brutal warfare between the government and the Wall Street drug cartels that has resulted in the murder of thousands of innocent Mexicans.

It is only a matter of time before this psyop migrates to the United States and other countries. Mexico is merely the beta test.

It remains to be seen if Americans will sheepishly accept the military closing down the First Amendment and the right of assembly. If they are sufficiently brainwashed they probably will not gather in public, afraid of catching a virus now demonstrated to be no more prevalent than the common cold.


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