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Amazing things has happened since I started this blog. People see the signs of a police state in the making yet are willing to act like ostriches and bury their head in the sand. Show them Bills or new laws – federal and state level – they claim it’s fake or it’s propaganda.

So I maintain we are in an Audio Prison. We know more about sport teams, movie stars, tv shows than we know of our system of government and economic policies – foreign and/or domestic.

If what you read here leaves you dazed, amazed or even confused, be an educated consumer and verify it.

The attitude of: “it only happens to those people”, or “not in America” or “it has nothing to do with me” or better yet the Christians In Name Only (I’m a Christian too) who say “Christ is gonna fix it” are cowards. I believe Christ gave us the power to fight evil not act powerless before it.

The Clergy Response Team has been given it’s matching orders. Romans 13 is one of their tools to have the semi awake public “Stand Down”. This also was Hitler’s favorite Bible text of choice.

Feds Train Clergy To “Quell Disents” During Martial Law

Feel free to Google, ixquick the above. Please comment.

Remember to check what you’re listening to.


— Post From My Atari

About Audio Prison

More to follow ...

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