Can’t hear this? You in AudioPrison!!

Welcome to AudioPrison, where we encourage you to check what you are listening to. 

A lot of what you hear in the media today is either mis-information or dis-information.  You may/will not like some of our subject content, however, we are in this boat or situation because we got lazy and detached.  We stop verifying info, we trust the talking points we hear on a media network.

A lot of Bill have been passed to curtail, take away our Rights day by day. Yet, since its not happenong to us or in our neighborhood, it doesn’t matter.

I heard a guy on a radio call in show in KY complain about how they don’t teach or talk about forms of governments like Fascism, Communism, Socialism, etc in schools. My thoughts were simple: We adopted the Communist Manifesto’s Government provides free education –  means they (government) will only teach you what you need to know so the system will work. Not how to see thru it or destroy it.  

Check this here: 

The Black falling down, its goin down
No subject matter, I dont hear it goin around
Minds over matter , they don’t mind cause 
We dont matter, DJ Lord’s on the platter
Can’t shake this, the gott-damn matrix
got actors winning politics, the tricks
Got hot chicks in the back of of wack ass rap flicks
called videos ( hoooo) 
turn off the got-damn radio
cause they dont show yall what yall need to know
can’t fade it though, Lord don’t fade it yo
Year of the Lord , make love fuck war tour
after before 2004, i swore
DJ Lord come bust down the door
Los Angel-less, New Jack Pity 
they say fuck the sticks cause they be the city
Homeless sitting outside smellin shitty
Thanks for not giving a got-damn thing pretty
so called land of plenty , can’t spare a penny
it’s the have nots against the haves,
is you wit me?

Check What You Listening To

One foot stuck in the rave
millennium dance craze
cross fade to the new phase
Like the old days, twisted in convoluted systems
existed in the beats of wisdom existance
Cross the Land, cause the band
Hits the fans, watch them all SLAM the jam
Illegal beats , frisk him
find not a pop thing with him
multi-ethnic like a prism
Can’t hear this? 
You in audio prison

Take a stand y’all, wreck the plan

Check What You Listening To – Public Enemy  2005

This is my first post!!

About Audio Prison

More to follow ...

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